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  • Not Super Crafty?
  •  Low On Budget?
  • Out Of Time?
  • Feeling Frazzeled?

Here’s how myself, Stacy Cox,  Emmy Award Winning Wardrobe Stylist, Julie Alderfer and my long time ABC View producer Jamie Hammer teamed up to make a lot, out of a little just in time to look fabulously clever this Halloween! Ready, set…CRAFT!

abc the view pinata prep2


Supplies:  (2) Boxes in two sizes, (2) Shades of primary color spray paint, (6) large paper bowls, (2) smaller paper bowls, (2) tennis ball container covers for eyes, (2) pieces of sticky velcro for eyebrows (1) box cutter and a glue gun, (1) plastic lego container to serve as trick or treat bag, duck tape for handle of bag

  • Spray paint (2) boxes, ea. in a different color
  • Spray paint (6) paper bowls one color, spray paint (2) paper bowls in 2nd color of paint
  • Glue gun: (6) bowls to front of larger box, (2) bowls to top of smaller box
  • Glue gun: Tennis container covers and 2 pieces of black velcro to smaller box for eyes and brows
  • Box Cutter: Cut a mouth out for our Lego that our boy/girl can easily see though
  • Candy Bag: glue gun the lid to box base. use box cutter to cute a square shape out of side of lego box to create opening, attach to layers of colored duck tape across opening to serve as a handle for bag.

ABC The View 2014 Lego

JP : Is that YOU in there? This is JP’s 2nd

year working w/me! Last year we dressed him up as a Duck Dynasty Star!

See you next yr kiddo!


Supplies: Enough PVC pipe to fashion a small walker out of, (4) tennis balls to affix to ends of PVC piping, (1) dozen helium balloons, brown/tweed slacks, white dress shirt, newspaper boy cap, oversized black glasses, suspenders, brown loafers, bow tie

  • Cut PVC pipe pieces out and glue gun together so walker stands approximately 23 to 24 inches tall.
  • Tennis Balls: Use box cutter to create slits in each of (4) balls and attach onto the end of each leg of the walker
  • Candy Bag: Repurpose a small to midsize shopping bag, you’re going to turn it into the house from Up.. Cut the corners of bag angled so as to create the impression of a roofline, cover with yellow felt for the room. Cut felt pieces for windows and a door. glue all.
  • Dress our Carl in:  brown/tweed slacks, white dress shirt, newspaper boy cap, oversized black glasses, suspenders, brown loafers, bow tie
  • Balloons: Day or night of Halloween inflate 12 rainbow colored helium balloons and tie the back of “Carl’s Suspenders” to achieve effect

ABC The View 2014 Up with Frapp

Gus is portraying Carl Fredricsen from the movie UP

How adorable is he and his Trick Or Treat Bag House Is Fantastic


Supplies: (1) yoga mat, (2) yards of cream colored felt, (1) Paper Towel Roll (empty), 1 yard of white fabric, brown packing paper, cream tights or leggings, print out a graphic of the Starbucks Logo

  • Recycle an old yoga mat! Measure your model and cut an “A” line/sheath dress  out of the yoga mat.
  • Glue Gun Or Sew: the cream felt material to the yoga mat sheath dress
  • Print out the Starbucks Logo
  • Stick or glue down the logo to the brown packing paper that’s subbing for “coffee cup holder”
  • Cover the paper towel roll (that’s now empty) in green felt to create a straw effort for the frappuccino
  • Using a needle and thread bunch up the white fabric 3 or 4 different times to start creating the “coffee/frappuccino foam effect for the next of your costume (the top of the cup) and her hair
  • Feed the paper towel holder through her hair for a straw effect.
  • Whenever at Starbucks ask for an extra branded shopping bag and then use this for the trick or treat bag.

abc the view 2014 frappuccino

This is Mia, age 6 and full of personality!


Supplies: (1) Big Box, If NOT white, buy a can of white spray paint, graphic of washing machine, copy store print of washing machine, spray mount, piece of foam core, fabric dryer sheets, fabric softener and a box of laundry detergent and (1) laundry basket smaller in size.

  • Spray paint box white
  • Box Cutter: Cut a hole in top of box for person’s head to fit through
  • Box Cutter: Cut 2 arm holes for person to allow their arms to come through
  • Graphic: Get a graphic on line of a washing machine and save it to a disc
  • Copy Store: Head to copy store to have image enlarged to size of white box
  • Office Supply Store: Buy a piece of foam core
  • Spray Adhesive: mount image & foam core to one side of the box
  • Box Cutter: Cut a hole in the bottom of the laundry basket for kid’s head to comfortably come through
  • Glue Gun: Fabric Softener and Drying Sheets to sides of our Laundry to add a little flair
  • Candy Bag: Empy out your old Tide container, duck tape it shut, create opening for candy and voila!

washing machine ABC The View 2014

Meet Bruno age 11 and the darling Emma age 4!

Bruno: your personality is infectious, you’re so much fun!

Emma: Can’t wait to see your lion who looks like a giraffe costume you came up with!


Supplies: Lots of rainbow shades of felt, floppy hat, (1) pair of sweat pants, (1) sweat shirt, colorful satin ribbon, (2) birthday party hats, needle and thread, glue gun

  • Cut up felt into strips about 3 inches wide, cut into one side of the felt strips to create a confetti like effect
  • Apply the strips (2) at a time either with your glue gun or sewing skills until you’ve managed to cover the entire (2) piece out front to back
  • Glue gun (2) birthday party hats to each side of the kid’s floppy hat.
  • Then glue gun the remaining felt strips  to the (2) birthday party hats and floppy hat
  • Tie or glue gun the strips to colorful ribbon to the tops of each birthday party hat.
  • Candy Bag: We grabbed a small piñata from the party store, poked a hole into it to create an opening for families to toss candy into for our little Piñata to enjoy.



Supplies: Yellow tri-fold presentation board (get a 2nd one as back up just in case you mess up on the first one), sticker flowers, black sticker letters, (1) piece of red construction paper, (1) piece of purple construction paper, yellow duck tape, 2 to 3 yards of green cotton fabric, yellow yarn and yellow baby cap to create wig, box cutter,  (1) baby stroller & (1) cabbage patch logo not too small

  • Perfect if you have an infant of really small kiddo who’s just learning and intaking what Halloween’s all about
  • Fold tri-fold presentation board so that colorful side is facing outward.
  • Box Cutter: cuts 2 hold in top of board to hook over/onto baby stroller handles
  • Box Cutter: cut (1) large opening in the middle of box so we can really see our cabbage patch baby
  • Green Duck Tape: lines parameter of middle area you just cut out
  • Green Fabric: carefully tuck it into stroller seat and cut slits in fabric so that stroller harness straps can be feed through so baby is buckled into stroller when it’s moving.
  • Sticker Flowers: Apply these around edges/outline of “packaging/box” to add decorations
  • Red Construction paper: Cut out a starburst circle that says “One of a Kind” (use black sticker letters)
  • Purple Construction paper: Cut out a cloud/bubble shape that say our kid’s name.
  • Glue Gun 2 cutouts to opposite corners of the box
  • Glue Gun or stick: Cabbage Patch logo to from beneath cutout
  • Blonde Yarn: Is necessary to fashion a cabbage patch wig for our baby to wear
  • Use sticker letters to add “I’m Adoptable!”

ABC The View 2014 Cabbage Patch Box

NOTE: Baby NOT included


Supplies: Red sequin, long sleeved dress, (1) short red/auburn wig w/lots of body, (1) pair of plastic, big framed glasses, 80 inspired makeup, (1) pair of heels

  •  Makeup: requires false eyelashes, lots of gray/blue eye shadow, eyeliner, blush and rosy lip color
  • Red Sequin long sleeved dress: I found mine on Ebay for $60 dollars
  • Red head Wig: I headed to a beauty supply shop that specializes in wigs
  • Glasses: Think oversized, rounder in shape plastic frames.
  • Good bra: With lots of support
  • Pair of heels

ABC The View 2014 Tootsie Collage


 ABC The View 2014 Selfie

Selfie moments before the segment began!


ABC The View 2014 Hosts II

Whoopi As The Black Swan

Rosie Perez As Cleopatra

Rosie O’Donnell as Edward Scissor Hands

(Not Pictured: Nicole Wallace as Effie Trinket)

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