5 Star Escape: Pasadena’s Langham Hotel & Chuan Spa

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This Weekend Escape LA & Head To…
A Local Hidden Gem…Pasadena’s
Langham Hotel
langham hotel
Pasadena, California…When I mention this Cali city…quick… what immediately comes to mind?
  • Rose Parade
  • Rose Bowl Games
  • The Little Old Lady From…
  • Rose Queens Past & Present W/Gowns That Even Today Look A Little Too 1980s For A Modern Girl’s Tastes (Yep, I Just Went There)
Okay so for the most part, we’ve just accomplished conjuring up a whole lot of “Rose” references. But, please take a moment to buckle yourselves in because…I had an “experience” recently I want to recap for ya below. It’s an experience that has the ability to expand your Pasadena imagery…it certainly did mine…try this on for size…
I know, I know…you’re thinking you have about as much time for a “spa day” as I do! Trust me, I get it. My friend, Mary Zavaglia who’s works as the Chuan Spa Advisor (she’s an amazing Beauty & Lifestyle Expert/colleague of mine who hails from Australia and has a great accent) practically had to put a gun to my head to save the date and attend their “pink carpet” launch spa-rty of this 11,000 square foot spa paradise. But this said…I’m glad she did. Now mind you, it takes quite a bit to impress me these days. 15 years as a day spa owner and having completed over 65,000 facials on my own clients…you have to come out with all guns blazing to impress me and my uber picky sensibility. But survey says….Chuan Spa Pasadena DELIVERED IN SPADES!
Chuan Spa Image
From the spa concierge who checked me in with genuine sincerity to the tea service they presented me just prior to my treatment to the…wait for it…water bed (YES WATERBED) in the tranquility room where I chilled in between treatments…it was decadent, classy and relaxing. I forgot about my bills that need paying, clients that need calls back and the knots in my neck from numbers 1 and 2 I just listed you. This spa team at Chuan works fast to help you check your stress at the door and submerge in “happy-ville.” Two treatments I indulged in worth getting on your radars:
  • Chuan Stone Therapy: The therapist opened with a breathing exercise that of course initially, I was like “What the what?” But hey when in Rome…I say let go and let God…case in point…I was totally relaxed from this in about 60 seconds! It was unique and effective. The rest of the massage treatment which combined warm stones with deep massage techniques is hard to describe because I was wafting in and out of consciousness…it was that transformational.
  • Kerstin Florian Chuan Yu Facial: Through stimulation on important meridian points, this facial increases the flow of body circulation. The skin care therapist uses jade known as a healing stone all over your face and neck…it’s fabulous (and feels very cooling and calming to the senses.). My complexion exuded the “Yes I woke up looking this bright eyed” effect.
  • stone therapy
I could go on and on here about the water beds, robes, the whole mellow vibe! However, all I can say to you is: don’t be like me and play the self deprivation game. Everyone needs to hit the “stop” button for an afternoon or even overnight and recharge your batteries from time to time. Considering that the Langham and Chuan are about 15 to 40 minutes away from most of us living in Los Angeles…you have no excuse after reading this but to surf their web site and venture on over there! DO IT!
The hotel is celebrating a 100th birthday tribute to the original Huntington Hotel and unveiled the $100,000 Proposal of The Century. It will be running through 12/29/14. This is so freakin’ cool, not to mention romantic for someone ready to pop the question to their honey. It’s a 2 night stay and they’ve coordinated with the Rose Bowl to allow you private access to the field to propose, a 40 piece symphony orchestra performs for you directly on the field, a 2.50 cushion-cut diamond ring and use of the video message board to illuminate a personal “Marry Me” message. There’s more I’m just hitting the highlights. Um Kanye and Kim…Hey The Langham called and they want everyone’s engagement to be rock star level, not just your engagement! LOL..Snap!
rose bowl
 Even IF you’re not proposing to someone, perhaps you just need to get away by yourself…whatever your stay-cation parameters are all about…this hotel is a hidden gem discretely nestled in and amongst a lovely Pasadena/San Marino neighborhood! The rooms evoke an old Hollywood, elegant feel. The amenities are luxurious from the linens to the lighting fixtures a special feeling slowly beings to envelop you as you realize “Oh boy I’m really here!” The staff seems genuinely committed to making your time with them so awesome, you will literally cry when valet brings your car around and it’s time to head home! But good news for us…they have tissues handy…clearly it’s a problem they face daily! So needless to say they’re always prepared and ready to mobilize.
langham bed
And there you have it!
The Langham Huntington, Pasadena
1401 South Oak Knoll Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91106
626 568 3900
Twitter: @chuanpasadena & @LanghamPasadena
Disclosure: I was invited to the Langham for the opening, an overnight stay and spa treatments for editorial consideration, but all opinions and state of serenity are my own. 

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