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Easter is coming up fast, Earth Day is the day after Easter and Mother’s Day is exactly one month out… lots of reasons to look your best and lots of gifts to gather, for your favorite ladies. So allow me to introduce myself in this blog as your personal lifestyle concierge and share some insights and shopping tips that speak to the social and busy month ahead of us.

WHAT: Soothe On-Demand Massage
PRICE: In Phoenix/Scottsdale, massages start at $115 for 60 Min. & go up (prices vary according to length of massage)
SAVE FOR EASTER & MOTHER’S DAY: Soothe sells gift certificates online (, Use Code NBCPHX25 to receive $25 off a first-time Soothe massage.

MORE ABOUT THIS: Soothe is the world’s leading on-demand massage service that delivers a licensed, insured massage therapist to your home or hotel, within 60 minutes.I think we could majorly benefit physically and emotionally from rethinking the whole massage concept. Look at it less a luxury, and more for it’s health and emotional benefits and book them more frequently. Rooting from this head space, over a couple months time, you’ll notice the benefits to your overall mood and body shift for the better. Self care is something we neglect far too often and need to work on. This said, it makes an awesome gift this Spring.
IT’S CONVENIENT Massages are available 8 am – midnight daily. No driving.
IT’S SAFE Each of Soothe’s licensed therapists is background-checked.
THERAPEUTIC & WELLNESS BENEFITS Massage helps reduce stress, anxiety, tension, pain and soreness. It promotes relaxation. If you are older, it increases flexibility in muscles and joints if you are stiff, plus better blood circulation.
SOOTHE AT WORK To ease workplace stress, Soothe just launched a corporate wellness program that delivers…
TABLE/CHAIR MASSAGE + STRETCHING to the workplace, called Soothe At Work. It’s awesome assisting you with stretching and helping with increasing your range of motion, while reducing stress and tension.

WHAT: Amino Genesis Spotlight
PRICE: 20% Off $59.99
Do you have these complexion concerns? And do they amplify around holidays?
• Discoloration?
• Uneven skin tone?
• Sun Damage?
• Dull, lackluster looking skin?
• Tired, weathered looking skin?

You picking up what I’m putting down? I speak to what I know. And we’re not alone here, which is why it’s good to know a product like Amino Genesis is out there for us. But it also makes a great Easter or Mother’s Day Gift here’s why…
Spotlight gives skin a brightening boost by reducing the appearance of the 3 things women keep telling me plagues them: dark spots, age spots and freckles. It leaves skin with a youthful glow promoting a more even complexion on all skin types. Gigawhite™ is the secret sauce helping deliver results. It’s a skin brightening complex developed from alpine plants that’s been tested to visibly brighten and even skin tone. Added bonus? It works great for hands and décolleté, since it deeply hydrates and gently exfoliates away the dead skin. So instead of keeping this as your little beauty secret – gift the goodness forward!

PRICE: Full Size $22, Mini $10,

Over Easter and Mother’s Day, you’re in tons of photos right? Well the fastest way to take your hair from flat to fabulous in 10 seconds is THIS! Bombshell is the ultimate “blowout alternative” to get effortlessly chic volume with ingredients that are healthy and protect your hair. The flexible, medium hold mist is fueled with Apple Stem Cells (adds protein) and Quartz Dust (protects and adds shine). The tapioca starch makes hair strands appear thicker and the combo of ingredients shields hair from heat stylers up to 450 ̊F and protects hair color from fading by helping to block damaging UV rays. So when you’re about to be part of a photo, this is what you hit your hair with! It’s kinda like the equivalent of packing a pro hair stylist in your purse. The mini size at $10, is the perfect gift to land next to place cards for your guests at your Easter or Mother’s Day table. I’m obsessed with this hair aid because I’ve tested it on my hair repeat times, and it really works. Net/Net I’ve been taking about it on social media a lot lately.

WHAT: Clean it Zero 3-in-1 Cleansing Balm
PRICE: $19 (Original) $24 (Other 3 Versions)
SHOP: Currently Banila’s offering free shipping and a gift-with-purchase!
Clean it Zero 3-In-1 Cleansing Balm is a workhorse that streamlines your beauty regimen! It’s a Makeup Remover, Cleanser and Skin Hydrator. People claim it’s the holy grail of makeup removers because it takes off your makeup in less than one minute. Moms love this because it doesnt tear or tug at skin like a wipe and actually replenishes skin while it removes. It’s great for all skin types and just won shape editors recognition. Good to know? It comes in 4 versions – Original, Nourishing (Dry Skin), Revitalizing (Antioxidant Protection), Purifying (Balancing/Soothing). As an esthetician, I love it because it gently gets the job done without stripping your face of natural moisturizers you need.

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