The Hottest Beauty Trends For 2021

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New Year… New You…

I Know You’re More Than Ready

If you consider yourself a beauty products aficionado, did you know every 4 out of 5 American women state they regularly follow the latest beauty trends?  On average, a woman uses 12 products on her body & hair everyday. So what are the biggest beauty trends headed our way in 2021?  I’ve been tracking what’s on trend in the new year, and I think you’ll echo my sentiment “I want all 7 on my bathroom counter ASAP.”

Color Trend Of 2021… Drum Roll…
Pantone recently announced the colors of the year: Ultimate Gray & Vibrant Yellow! So how does this translate on our faces? 
PRICE: $8 
These dermatologist tested, clean ingredient, pigment packed crayons from C’est Moi make it easy to infuse your look with a pop of on-trend color. So why not give Daffodil (bright yellow) and Pebble (gray) a spin. The best part of what both InStyle and Refinery29 swear by, is how easy they glide onto your skin. If you’re “makeup challenged,” these crayons will become your go-to eye shading tool!  According to the Executive Director of the Pantone Institute, Leatrice Eiseman, these 2 colors convey “a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting.” 

Daffodil is up top. Pebble is right in the middle.

Another 2021 Makeup Trend… Inserting Precious Metals & Gems Into Actual Makeup Products… Why?
Because diamond dust reflects light thereby instantly brightening dull complexions quickly. Additionally 24-karat gold and vegan collagen combine to create a more hydrating, creamier consistency in eyeshadow, bronzers  highlighters and mascara to help them glide into skin& lashes leaving them less likely to settle into fine lines.
PRICE: $17.99
SHOP: + Drugstores nationwide
Eyeshadow, Bronzer, Highlighter & Mascara all infused with 24K gold and vegan collagen. The powder products don’t feel as dry as we’re use to in the past. You easily can detect the difference. These luxurious, gold-infused formulations are designed to suit all skin tones. They feature a 24-Karat Gold and Vegan Collagen plus protecting and firming polymers to nourish and rejuvenate the skin while providing the smoothest application that keeps you looking gorgeous from day-to-night. The mascara useful 3 different ways: it’s great as a primer under black, to tip the ends of your lashes w/gold, or go all out for fully 24k gold lashes.

Makeup that nourishes and rejuvenates skin w/a 24K infusion

A Third Makeup Trend: It’s Raining Men + Gender Fluid Individuals💦They’re Hitting The Beauty Scene In Force In 2021… 
When you stroll the makeup aisles of Sephora, a big movement you’ll notice in 2021, are the influence of men, transgender and gender fluid individuals inspiring makeup trends with their own lines of products. Patrick Ta, Patrick Starr, Mario Dedivanovic, and Rob Smith are just 4 amazing souls leading this trend that’s here to stay. The message is open, honest and bold: Everyone can wear makeup, nail polish and fragrance… or not.  It has nothing to do with gender. Just make yourself happy, and glam and groom based on your personal desires.
PRICE: $65 Full Size, $20 Travel Size
This movement started by the phenomenal Rob Smith recently evolved into the fragrance category with oil based, gender free, scent elixirs celebrating breaking boundaries and binaries. Inspired by the colors comprising the Transgender Pride Flag, Transcend is an empowering scent. Both comforting and captivating, it’s a conversation starter who’s “fragrance identity” defies definition. Made with a unique dual-layer formula, the scent is both highly concentrated and moisturizing. The “fresh aquatic” blend is infused w/ Palo Santo, Dragon Fruit, Vanilla and Sea salt. Your purchase supports 100% diverse hires, queer and minority owned brands and donations for queer charities.
Got Acne? Red, Irritated Skin? Get “Phaged” In 2021 
If you feel like “maskne” had drastically altered your complexion or you’ve been struggling with acne and an irritated complexion way before the pandemic and you feel like you tried everything else out there…
PRICE: $85
Wild Resilience Serum is the ONLY phage-based skincare brand available on the market. It’s proprietary blend Cutiphage™ directly targets and eliminates bad bacteria on your face that causes acne, such as Cutibacterium acnes, while allowing good bacteria to flourish for a balanced and happy microbiome. This serum is your one-stop-shop to clear up blemishes, redness and inflammation and avoid future breakouts, naturally and without the use of harsh chemicals. When you’re talking about predicting 2021 trends… This December, Elle Magazine, published their “2020 Future Beauty Award Winners” and Ellis Day IS on the list!

If Acne and Maskne have you frustrated and you think you’ve tried everything, wait until you experience THIS!

TREND: Your new side hustle – Home Based Facialist?

2020 turned us all into our own beauty advocates, facialists & selfcare providers. So how do you build off of this next year? High powered lactic acid chemical peels you‘ve been investing in at spas, you can now give user-friendly versions to yourself even if you’ve never spent a day in cosmetology school.
PRICE: $24.95
This type of peel is safe and easy for daily use and is packed with lactic acid rich pineapple, pumpkin and papaya which maintain skin’s protective lipid layers while also providing essential support for increasing cell turnover rate and promoting healthy collagen and elastin production . The lactic acid fueling this version provides a less abrasive exfoliation for those with sensitive skin meaning it treats and reaches more complexions regardless of someone’s skin type. Gentle enough for daily use, but users will see noticeable results from using this 2-3 x a week. Clean, Vegan, Cruelty-free, and free of gluten, parabens, SLS, and Phthalates.

TREND: 3 Separate Professional Devices Morphed Into 1 Device – That Does 5 Treatments – For Us To Use At Home

PRICE:  $225, Pre-Order Now… They should begin to ship towards the end of January 2021

Developed by Los Angeles based, celebrity aesthetician Joshua Ross, the Trilogy Wand is an innovative, safe, and simple-to-use device designed to firm, lift and soothe your skin. It provides professional results in less than 10 minutes w/3 steps. Admittedly, I do these 3 steps during my facials with my clients, so this device is on point from my professional perspective.  And I’ve spent tons of money investing in the devices separately. What’s nice is Joshua combines them for you into one master, blaster, anti-aging attack. What also resonated with me, is The Trilogy Wand also addresses puffy eyes, improves circulation and helps condition the skin for optimal product absorption. When you’re spending a lot too on serums… it’s nice to know this also respect that separate investment. It launches in late January 2021.

3 Different devices packed into 1 Magic Wand! From wrinkles to pores… from circulation to puffy eyes…. from firming and lifting to toning… this covers a multitude of bases.

Step 1 –Warming Massage with Red LED 

delivers a heated massage combined with Red LED light therapy to tighten the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while simultaneously building up collagen.

Step 2 – CRYO with BLUE LED

The tool will seamlessly transition to cryo therapy with blue LED light therapy. This step soothes the skin and reduces puffiness while stimulating nourishing blood flow to the skin to reduce the appearance of pores and improve skin texture.


As the perfect finish to your treatment, the Ionic Warming Massage can increase lymphatic drainage, maximize the effects of your favorite skin-care product and reduce the appearance of under eye circles. (Oh how I want one of these devices)


With beauty routines moving to the home, the nail market was an anomaly with 90% of sales done in salons and only 10% at home. Despite over 90% of women wanting to do their nails at home, the majority of women across the country did not have the tools or know-how to execute it…until now.


PRICE: Starts at $70 & goes up if you additional nail polish to your system


All the tools you need for salon-perfect pedis at home, plus 1 long-lasting polish of your choice and Super Glossy Top Coat. It’s an entirely new system that’s been developed feet-first, featuring new, innovative tools and products that have been expertly designed to give you your best (and easiest) pedi ever!  As we’re spending more time at home, everyone needs to know now how to book their first at home-pedi—where you’re the pro!

This foot care system is one of the most thought through kits I’ve come across and will definitely sell out in early 2021. The lid that morphs into a support for your foot while you give yourself a pedicure is genius!
















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