Top 6 Beauty Tips For An LA Summer… Part II!

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Mother nature has clearly taken notice we’re one day away from the official kick off to summer with this little heat wave she gifted us. However, fear not!  I’m feeling calm and cool… not a single lash extension out of place as I type this.  So lets, you and I take a look at Part II of my 2 part summer beauty trend series.  Our mission, if you choose to accept, is how to look as tan, toned and terrific as we can straight through to Labor Day.

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PRICE: $19.99, AAA battery included
SHOP IT: National Food, Drug & Mass Merchandisers Nationwide Starting THIS July
WHAT IS IT? A pen that uses red and blue, UV Free, FDA cleared, light to surround a blemish and heal it by reducing inflammation and bacteria. As soon a you feel a blemish forming under your skin don’t wait, mobilize with Neutrogena’s Acne Light Therapy Spot Treatment. The worst thing to do is pick or pop a blemish… it can cause the bacteria to spread and result in scarring and pigmentation. You use this light therapy device 3 times a day for 2 minutes at a time and results can be seen in just two days. It’s easy to use on clean skin and the device automatically turns off after the 2 minutes elapses. The blue light helps to destroy lingering bacteria while the red light works in tandem to reduce redness and inflammation.

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PRICE: $54, available starting on Friday 6/30, so we’re 10 days away.
SHOP IT: Sephora, Ulta Beauty and select Macy’s stores. Or, online at,, and
WHAT IS IT? This is the first NEW Naked eye shadow palette release in 2 years. So for Urban Decay fans and makeup fans throughout LA this is a biggie. It’s like when a new Star Wars movie releases for Sci-Fi fans. So makeup lovers surrender to the heat of the moment with 12 ALL-NEW, can’t-live-without, amber-hued neutrals—including warm browns, burnt oranges and rich siennas. This palette takes Naked in a whole new direction encompassing everything you need to create sultry daytime looks, intensely smoky nighttime looks and everything in between. These shades look insanely flattering on any skin tone which is always one the strongest things about the way UD creates Naked cosmetics. Every shade in Naked Heat features their Pigment Infusion System™, the proprietary blend of ingredients that gives each shade its velvety texture, rich color, serious staying power and blendability. Because with shades like these, you’ll want to blend the perfect sunset eye, and UD formulas makes it so easy to transition shades like a pro.

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PRICES: Apricot Kernel Cleansing Oil $11, (3) Makeup Mittys $26.99 & (5) Mitty Blackouts $32.99 SAVE: 10% Off Your Order, Use Code “stacyktla” at checkout
WHAT IS IT: Take My Face Off’s founder, Amanda Macintosh has come up with a fun spin on cotton balls, disposable wipes, and washcloths when you want to deep cleanse makeup, grime and sweat off your face, neck and throat. It’s called “The Mitty!” It’s a luxurious but affordable way to gently wash your face and avoid tugging at your complexion! The big concept to wrap your mind around is the fabric is so gentle and well made it protects your skin’s elastin and helps you avoid wrinkles. So from an anti-aging standpoint, what Take My Face Off designed is a slam dunk against the aging process. This is not one of those products that you use with water alone—those are really harsh on your skin. Use this the way you would use any washcloth or cotton ball, with any soap, cleanser, toner, micellar water, etc.   Also, you’ll notice the “Detailer,” which is the little pointed end at one side of a Mitty. It’s perfect for removing hard to reach mascara and eyeliner.  Take My Face Off products aren’t only amazing for your skin, but you also wind up saving money and helping the environment because you’re not buying more disposables.

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PRICE: $9 Per Face Mask, $40 For The Bronzing Mist (Body)
SHOP IT:, Sephora, Ulta
WHAT IS IT: Multi-Tasking Beauty meets “K” (Korean) Beauty! What if you want to do a weekly face mask to add hydration to your face BUT you also want to self tan your face too? Well, now you finally can!  Thanks to St Tropez you an do BOTH at the same time. “One And Done!” The brand’s just launched, new bronzing face sheets masks are infused with my fave hyaluronic serum to swiftly up our moisture levels AND a bronzing ingredient adds a sun kissed glow to our faces. Here’s how it works… on clean skin land one of these masks on your face and decide how much color you want to add you your complexion…
• 5 min light glow
• 10 min med glow
• 15 min deeper glow
• Apply your sheet mask
• Wait desired time
• Remove mask
• Blend and massage serum on top of your face evenly into your face, hairline, neck and throat
• Wash hands
• Give it a few hours to deepen and get ready for a few well deserved compliments.

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BODY TIP: The Bronzing Self Tan Express Tanning Mist is the original formula that created so much hype around this brand. It’s like an airbrush treatment in a can. Try it for your body so your face, stems and torso have synergy.

BONUS: When your skin is hydrated and tan, you’ll notice you need to wear much less foundation and makeup.

PRICE: $28
SHOP IT: – also available at Benjamin Salons (West Hollywood & Arts District)
Moody Girls, is a temporary hair color that can be changed with your mood. It’s created by the team at the Benjamin Salons with limited edition colors from Alaina Manibog and comes in 5 fun, summery colors: Lovey Dovey (Pink), Cry Baby (Blue), Mellow (Yellow), Peachy Keen (Peach) and Peppy (Green). Something important to understand: It only works for bleached and highlighted hair, the lighter the better. Sorry Brunettes no luck with this beauty treatment. Expect your “moodiness,” LOL, to last 3-6 washes. And then you can change up the color depending on how your mood shifts throughout summer. From peach to pink to blue… the brand has you and your moods covered. And don’t worry if you have nothing fabulous to wear to your next summer party because if you color your hair with “Peachy Keen” (peach was modeled live on the KTLA Morning News 6/20), no one will be looking at your outfit! All eyes on your tresses!

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PRICE: $149
WHAT IS IT: Have you ever sat in an ergonomic chair for your back? This is an ergonomic pillow for your face! With side cutouts, it’s perfect if you’re a side sleeper night after night. California based dermatologist, Dr. Cheryl Huang designed the Pilookie in a such a way so after applying your pricey face moisturizers and serums they stay on your face and don’t transfer to your pillow. Plus if your not smashing the one side of your face directly into the pillow as you sleep, it won’t encourage sleep wrinkles to develop. It’s manufactured by women right here in Los Angeles! I love that Dr. Cheryl is keeping it local. And the fun pink stitching is the latest update on this award winning beauty secret.

SUMMER TIP: It’s surprisingly easy to stuff in a suitcase or tote bag this summer and take it along on your adventures.

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